OC Oscar® Pool 2022

benefitting the OC Fearless Flyers

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Welcome to the first annual OC Oscar® Pool benefitting OC Fearless Flyers! Half of all procceds will be donated to the Flyers and rest will be awarded to whoever has the best Oscar® guessing skillz. Predict the winners and you could win!

Entry Fee: $10

The winners were announced on March 27. Check the leaderboard to see how you did.

Prizes: The amount collected from entry fees will be divided as follows: 50% to the winner (see tie-breaker rules below). The remaining 50% will be donated to the OC Fearless Flyers program to buy brand new bikes for New York City youth. To date, the program has given out over 70 bikes.

How: After entering the pool - You'll be able to make your predictions and update them as often as you like until the Oscar® broadcast begins. Each correct pick will be worth a certain number of points (e.g. Best Picture: 4 points; Best Sound: 1 point). If more than one person ties with the most points, the point leader who correctly picks "Best Picture" will be the winner. If there's still a tie, 50% will be divided equally among the point leaders who correctly picked "Best Picture."

Registration is closed.

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