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Pride Ride Routes

5 Route Choices from 30 to 100 Miles

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Pride Ride 30

This is a great route to push your limits and explore some new places. Take a breathtaking ride over the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey to tour some peaceful suburbs. This is the core loop for all the routes so you are sure to meet some of your fellow Pride Riders along the way. Meet some new friends at the rest stop before heading back towards Manhattan, across the George Washington Bridge, and back to Riverbank State Park to celebrate what you’ve just achieved.
30 miles

Pride Ride 50

To give yourself even more of a challenge, start off by heading up to and over the George Washington Bridge and wind through some serene suburbs to the rest stop. Mingle with other Pride Riders before heading further north through the quaint town of Old Tappan and across the state line into Rockland County, NY. You will pedal past some scenic lakes and towns and then loop back south. You will have a chance to stop for ice cream before you meander down the car-free Joseph B Clarke rail trail. Continue on quiet roads back to the rest stop and then back down to Manhattan.
50 miles

Pride Ride 65

If you want to explore some more NY State park land, you’ll love this one. Ride the same route as the 50-mile, but you’ll add in a loop up through Rockleigh before approaching the rest stop to take a breather with fellow riders. Then you’ll continue along with the 50-mile riders but head even further north to Congers, NY and into stunning Rockland Lake State Park. The lake is gorgeous and is a great place to take some photos or just pause by the water. Then you will continue south and meet up again with the 50-mile route, heading down the rail trail and back to the rest stop before continuing south back to Riverbank State Park in Manhattan.
65 miles

Pride Ride 80

If you’re feeling ambitious and energetic, you will enjoy this ride. This route follows along with the 65-mile ride, but adds a diversion to the west into Saddle River to take in some very posh homes there and into Upper Saddle River. Then you’ll head back east to West Nyack and continue on to Rockland Lake Park. This route will take you along the pathway that runs along the east edge of the lake before rejoining the 50-mile route back south through the car-free Joseph B Clarke rail trail to the rest stop. You’ll have the chance to meet up with riders from all the routes and share the route back south over the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan.
80 miles

Pride Ride 100

If you really want to log some miles, this is the route for you! This route follows along the 85-miler, but includes a charming loop through Rockleigh and Sparkill before the rest stop. You’ll also add in an extra loop in Upper Saddle River to take in even more architecture in even more posh neighborhoods. You’ll also add in some more hills with an additional loop along the edge of High Tor State Park before heading back east though Rockland Lake Park. There, you’ll reconnect with the 85 mile route back south to the rest stop and on into Manhattan.
100 miles

NYC area riders can choose one of the above routes or you can plot your own route literally anywhere in the world!

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