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Pride Parade 2015

UPDATE: JUNE 23, 2015

MEETING LOCATION:  OutCycling is listed as being in Group #7, Position 22 in the upcoming Pride March. We are meeting on 39th between Madison and Park Aves, not later than 12.30pm on Sunday, June 28th, per the official lineup instructions. (Please wear sunscreen, and bring water or sports drink to stay hydrated.) Friends and family are welcome to join us. RSVP below or by e-mail for a t-shirt.

The world's most historic LGBT Pride March.
Join OutCycling and hundreds of thousands of folk of every stripe as we march, ride and roll down Fifth Avenue.
We'll be on our bikes honoring, celebrating, laughing and cheering!
More details to follow, but we'd love you to be a part of the OutCycling contingent.
Current OutCycling members can RSVP below. Everyone else, please confirm by e-mail so we know you're with us and wear your NYC Pride Ride T-shirt or get one from us on Sunday -  we will bring extras.


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  • Date:
    June 28
  • Time:
    12:00 PM
  • Where:

    Enter 39th street and Madison Ave
    New York, NY 10013
    United States

  • RSVPs:
    19 RSVPs
    Matthew Hughes Manuel Ordonez Tom Keller Sem Sepulveda Anonymous Anonymous Andre Johnson Erika Szabo Gustavo Hedrix Victor Lewis Graham Weinstein Rey Rose Christopher Kearns Christian Bolzer Cyrus Erickson Garrett Hornsby Jonathan Hanna
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