Enjoy the Ride!

Zen Bike Workshop

Speed Freak: 19 mph and above
Steady Eddy: 13 mph — 18 mph
Easy Rider: 12 mph and below

zenbikes-tiny.png is a proud sponsor of OutCycling and helps us to present a fun and safe cycling season. Visit them online at zenbikes.com

Below is the latest update for 2015. Be sure to contact them at 212-929-2453 to confirm your spot in one of the upcoming safety and mechanical workshops. Choose April 8th or 9th at their location on West 24th between 6 & 7th Aves. The class is fun and engaging! Sometimes it even includes a free beer or some Zengria. 


 Safety and basic skills are a requirement for STS riders. Call Zen to sign up today.

All current and new members of Out Cycling get 10%OFF any regularly priced 2015 bicycle plus 15% - 20% OFF Accessories*. Discounts cannot be combined and some items, (Wheel sets, Garmin computers, Cargo bikes, and Folding bikes) have a separate discount, check with your salesman for details.

For 2015 Out Cycling informed us that all bikes will have to be inspected and given a clean bill of health via a Free Evaluation followed by discounted Tune Up rate specials if applicable. That means we can arrange for a visual inspection of your bike and dependent on work needed you’ll get a quote for updating/repairing. If you’d like to preemptively Tune Up your bike discounted Tune Up rates for members are, $80 for tune up deluxe (regularly $120) and $40 for standard Tune up (Regularly $60) both tune ups will include a preseason inspection and report card for proof of work conducted.

Zen Bikes will be holding 4 flat repair / routine maintenance classes that are limited to 12 per class due to the attention you’ll be receiving from staff. This will cover flat repair and prevention, and basic mechanical check list that will help make you more aware of your bike and it’s mechanical properties. I assure you it will be fun and wrought with lots of jokes and hands on learning. Dates and a signup sheet will be available at the kickoff party on March 21st.

Call Zen Bikes at 212-929-2453 to schedule yourself for a class that happens mid-week from 7-8pm on April 8 & 9.

ON the next page is also a checklist of things you’ll need for your repair kit, the items with an asterisk next to them are required items to have and the rest are elective and preventative products that will make your season more enjoyable.






Proper size/valve Inner tube*

Tire levers/speed Lever*

Frame mounted air pump*

Multi tool /Allen wrenches*

Patch Kit*

Seat bag (to carry everything)*

Co2 inflator*

2/16 gram Co2 cartridges*

Slime tubes (inner tubes that are self-healing that are installed prior to riding)

Chain master link

There will be some pre-built kits ready to sell at a Group buy price (ask a staff member about this)

Also Please note your are required to ride with a Helmet on any Out Cycling Ride, helmets are also subject to expiration dates so if your helmet is 4 – 5 years old you may want to replace it. All helmets have Built dates noted on a sticker inside your helmet, if your sticker is sweated out or warn and you can’t remember when you bought it you may want to replace it. We can also help you with an inspection of your Helmet if you’re having trouble finding it.

Good Luck and let’s have a happy and healthy 2015 Spring/Summer Season, We’ve all earned it after this brutal winter!

Sincerely, John Keoshgerian and the Zen Bikes Staff.