Enjoy the Ride!

Summer Training Series

Speed Freak: 19 mph and above
Steady Eddy: 13 mph — 18 mph
Easy Rider: 12 mph and below




The C4C/Out Cycling Training rides are specifically designed for the C4C riders who will be making the 3 day trek from Boston to New York in late September.  Have you not ridden since last year or do you feel like you are completely out of shape for the ride? Then this is the training program for you.  

Your ride coordinator, Rob, will bring turn by turn directions to the ride and will be spending the bulk of his time coaching the more novice riders so everyone may have a more enjoyable experience.  This will be a series of 8 group rides focusing on increasing distances. By riding each week and adding about 10 miles per week, you will be able to increase your endurance and performance and have a better ride come September.  

Riders are highly encouraged to do short rides during the week to help build your stamina for multi day riding.  There will be alternating Saturday and Sunday rides to accommodate more riders busy schedules and should you not be able to do a ride on a specific day, Rob can provide you with the turn by turn directions to do on your own.  The whole point of these rides is to make your C4C ride a more enjoyable experience and to have fun. 

Most rides start and end at The Center; 208 west 13th st.  

See Rides listed below:

  • Saturday, July 25th,  20 miles,  Laps in Central Park, Start time 10:15, Starts from The Center
  • Sunday, Aug 2nd, 30 miles, Circumnavigation of Manhattan, Start time 10:00, Starts from The Center
  • Saturday, Aug 8th, 40 miles, Coney Island and Brighton Beach, Start time 9:45, Starts from The Center
  • Sunday, Aug 16th, 50 miles, Long Beach, Start Time 9:30, Starts from Grand Army Plaza
  • Saturday, Aug 22nd, 60 miles, Sleepy Hollow, Start time 9:15, Starts from The Center
  • Sunday, Aug 30th, 70 miles, Greenwich Ct., Start Time 9:00, Starts from The Center
  • Saturday, Sept, 5th, 80 miles, Oyster Bay/Theodor Roosevelt Park, Start time 8:45, Starts from Grand Army Plaza
  • Sunday, Sept 13th, 90 miles, Yorktown Heights, Start time 8:30, Starts from 125th & West Side Bike Path.


This series is Free for OutCycling members. 

Non-members $30.00 (includes two month OutCycling membership) - SIGN UP NOW