Enjoy the Ride!

Safe Riding

Speed Freak: 19 mph and above
Steady Eddy: 13 mph — 18 mph
Easy Rider: 12 mph and below

How to Become a Cyclist

Q: I just bought a new bike. How do I become a cyclist? —J. Edwards First, get professionally fitted at a bike shop if you didn't do so when you bought... (Read more)

10 Training Fundamentals

1. Have a Plan You may be able to get pretty fit by winging it, but truly remarkable accomplishments, whether upgrading to Cat 3 or scoring a belt buckle in... (Read more)

4 Tips for Cycling Uphill

Challenging terrain is what cycling is all about. Unless you are a born and reared, stay-at-home flatlander you are no doubt aware of the effects of gravity and the need... (Read more)

Tips for Longer Rides

Pedal Your Pace The biggest newbie mistake is letting yourself be seduced into speeding along with faster riders early in the day, only to crack 60 miles in. Fall in... (Read more)


These tips and techniques will help you thrive on any road. Most of us invariably need to ride close to vehicles on the road. It's a trite analogy, but I... (Read more)

Safety Rules

Always wear a helmet. Passing any person call out on your left. When slowing yell out "slowing" or "stopping". Try to ride single file at all times. Obey all traffic... (Read more)

Bike Smart - NYC Cycling Guide

   Bike Smart - The Official Guide to Cycling in NYC - Download Here (Read more)