Enjoy the Ride!

Ride Leaders

Speed Freak: 19 mph and above
Steady Eddy: 13 mph — 18 mph
Easy Rider: 12 mph and below

Become a Ride Leader. 

OutCycling is committed to presenting a safe and enjoyable Spring Training Series. We do this, in part, with a dedicated team of volunteers who help to lead rides and facilitate logistics throughout the series.

In addition to committing to the schedule below, you need to attend an Orientation meeting on Saturday, March 14th. Brunch will be served. We're planning to meet at Cafeteria Restaurant at 10am. 

Ride Leaders - A minimum 4 week commitment during the series. Ride Leaders participate in the timed ride, maintenance class and skills workshop as part of your training. You will be a safety and logistical resource for riders. Benefits include:

  • Complete 3 rides - Up to $10 reimbursement for your lunch
  • Complete 4 rides - Earn complimentary Pride Ride Registration
  • Complete 5 rides - Earn an OutCycling Jersey
  • Complete 6 rides - Earn a pair of OutCycling Shorts

Ride Assistants - A minimum 4 week commitment during the series. Ride Assistants will provide logistical support to make sure that riders have completed required activities, are placed in the appropriate group, and have required equipment. Daddies also provide vehicle support (if possible) on longer rides. Daddies earn a complimentary OutCycling T-Shirt, are reimbursed for lunch and related expenses and our profound gratitude.

Please contact Robert or Garrett to confirm your volunteer commitment, or ask any questions. Thank you for your interest.