Rising Stars

The (Walk Up and) Over the Hill Cyclist (Steve Turtell) Reports on the 3rd and 4th Spring Training Rides to the Westwood Diner and Briarcliff Manor.

May 10th & 17th

The Easy Riders were back in the saddle again the last two Saturdays for the middle legs of the Six Weeks to a Century training series. As we continue to get in shape for the upcoming Pride Ride, two rising stars are emerging: Aurelie and Jose. Both of them have legs of steel and Aurelie, especially, given how new she is to long–distance cycling, impresses with her stamina and ability to climb hills.

On the trip back from Westwood Diner on the 10th, where we all gorged on what Vicki called her “trail mix pancakes” and the Westwood calls California Pancakes (banana and walnuts), Aurelie and Garret, who led for the return, were often the only ones still on their bikes when we hit that long uphill climbs. They were lying flat on their backs waiting for the rest of us. We’d dismounted and walked our bikes up.

This last Saturday, Patrick stayed behind to lead us all back to Van Cortlandt Park after enjoying the picnic Dan laid out for us in the pavilion at Briarcliff. Jose seemingly lives on his bike-- he rides to and from work every day and the very next day after riding to Briarcliff was up at Bear Mountain! He suggested we try the unpaved bike path through Van Cortlandt to avoid the hills. We hit some muddy spots and had to walk or carry our bikes, but on dry sunny days it should be a lovely way onto the South County Trail. Once out of the park, most of the group rode over to the No. 1 train at 242nd Street. A few of us, led by Jose rode back downtown, and Jose and I were the two who came all the way back into Manhattan along the Hudson River bike path. He got off at 72nd Street. I continued down to Houston & Elizabeth. When I checked my Moves app, I was startled to see that I’d clocked 88 miles! Now I know I’ll do a whole century—and soon.