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Nyack Piermont Trails Ride

Speed Freak: 19 mph and above
Steady Eddy: 13 mph — 18 mph
Easy Rider: 12 mph and below

Nyack / Piermont Trails


Saturday, July 14th

45 miles

Meet up: 9am in Central Harlem or 9:30 near the bridge (weather permitting)


Not going to the beach this weekend? Join us Saturday morning for a ride to Nyack, getting off 9W whenever possible… You can see the route here:




Please note: about 15% of this route is hard packed dirt/gravel (small stone and/or cinders) which is completely doable even on skinny tires if you slow down a bit and take your time.


We'll go up 9W, cross a pedestrian bridge and go to State Line Lookout. Then we'll go north from there on the abandoned "Old 9W", then through Columbia's Lamont Campus to Tallman Mountain State Park. The gravel/cinder trail in Tallman ends in Piermont. We'll then do the traditional route up Piermont Avenue / River Road to get to Runcible Spoon where we'll have lunch. After lunch we'll get on the gravel/cinder Old Erie Path (aka Raymond G Esposito Trail & Joseph B Clarke Rail Trail). If people are interested in a little history we can stop at the Piermont Train Station for a tour, if it's open. (They require you to take off your shoes if you've got cleats that could damage their wood floors). Then we'll continue down the rail trail and go the other way through the Lamont campus, Old 9W and State Line Lookout. And lastly we'll go south through Palisades Park on Henry Hudson Dr / River Road to get to the GW Bridge (unless you're sick of hills in which case you're free to go your own way and ride 9W for less hill climbing.)


If you're wondering what the trails and other bits will be like, here are some ride videos so you can get an idea of what this ride entails…


State Line Lookout & Old 9W



The Lamont Campus (southbound)



Tallman Mountain State Park



Old Erie Rail Trail



River Road


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