Enjoy the Ride!


Speed Freak: 19 mph and above
Steady Eddy: 13 mph — 18 mph
Easy Rider: 12 mph and below

OutCycling is a member led organization. The club is  comprised of multiple committees which work together to make the day to day operations of the club run smoothly. Committees are approximately 5 members in size and led by two elected co-chairs.  The co-chairs call meetings for their committee as necessary and set the agendas and overall operation of the committee. Committee Chairperson is a six month commitment.

Below is a description of present committees:


Ride Committee - Endurance/Training Rides
Plan, review and recommend EnduranceTraining Rides, to engage riders interested in longer distances (approx 30+) and endurance training (i.e. Hump Day) activities. 

Ride Committee - City Rides
Plan, review and recommend City Rides by identifying local area attractions and activities that pair well with a group cycling outing. City Rides engage riders interested in shorter distances (Approx 20-40 miles).

Social/Travel Committee
Plan, review and recommend social activities (i.e. Happy Hours, Potluck Dinners, Milestone Celebrations) and group travel (out of area trips and the Beach House)
Plan and review membership program and make recommendations for retaining, renewing and upgrading memberships. The committee will also lead other fundraising activities including grant writing and major donor cultivation. This committee will serve as a nexus for OutCycling working with each committee to communicate their activities/requirements/opportunities.
Special Events/Pride Ride
Pride Ride is the signature special event of OutCycling, held annually in conjunction with LGBT Pride Month. This event embodies the vision of OutCycling and offers opportunities for fundraising, membership development, endurance training, leisure cycling and networking across the wider LGBT community. This committee will lead the planning and implementation of Pride Ride with support from other committees and membership as needed. 
Youth Program
Plan, review, recommend and establish a Youth Outreach Program that will help underserved youth embrace the sport and camaraderie of cycling.