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OutCycling | LGBT Cycling | Code of Conduct

Speed Freak: 19 mph and above
Steady Eddy: 13 mph — 18 mph
Easy Rider: 12 mph and below

  • Members will obey all traffic rules & regulations. Members will also give the right of way & yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Members will follow all directions of official Law Enforcement Officers
  • Members will avoid at all cost confrontations with motorists
  • Members should ride in a way that is not reckless or injurious to themselves or other riders
  • Members will come to the assistance of other club riders and non club riders on the road
  • Members will follow all instructions of ride leaders
  • Members will leave together as a group and return as a group, making sure that all riders return home safely
  • Members will register and pay for all non-club sponsored rides
  • When given the opportunity, members will promote & encourage cycling as a life time activity. We will specifically target young riders
  • Members will represent the club in a manner that befits the legacy of OutCycling



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