Enjoy the Ride!

Biking Boot Camp - Ride 3 - 90 Miles

Speed Freak: 19 mph and above
Steady Eddy: 13 mph — 18 mph
Easy Rider: 12 mph and below

Rockland Lakes Ride - This is the THIRD Day of Biking Boot Camp. 90 Miles! This is just the beginning of the second weekend — pace yourself, two days to go!!

After a brief introduction at Strictly Bikes we will ask for those who want to ride as a group to hang back as ride-at-your-own pacer's head for the lake. Those who wish to ride as a group will then take off. 

From there, we ride a scenic tour of Bergen County getting appropriate mileage in before grabbing a sandwich and a lunch stop at the Rockland Lake State Park. 

You must be Biking Boot Camp participant to attend.

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